About us

We believe Business Resilience is more than just check-list deep, and starting from the position of being Sales and Marketing experts as well as having developed a simple Business Resilience software system – (Accelerated) Continuous OperationTM – and speaking to many small to medium business who explained that for them to be Resilient they needed more business, we decided to offer services to address that as well.

Hence, ‘Resilience Marketing’  made a lot of sense.

Why a ‘dot net’ domain?  Well, for one thing, the ‘.com’ was already taken.  By a very interesting company in the States, with whom we are happy to work with by the way.  But we also thought the ‘net’ element was appropriate; we want to help business net more clients; maintain and enhance their network, and have at least a basic ‘business safety net’ in place to stop them falling apart if ‘the worst’ happens.

How can we help you?

Ask about our ‘Buy Two, Get One Free’ special offer – before it goes!

Call us on 0845 474 2248.

Email us at resiliencemarketing@webspacepartners.net