Roots – Resilience and Continuity Planning

Stopping you getting blown away by the breeze or a rough wind.  Planning Continuity, building Resilience, implementing Good Business Practices.


Your business is going well – Great. You’re generating revenue and are profitable. Fantastic!  Do you want to risk all this without putting down deeper roots?

Business Continuity and Resilience Planning will enable you to withstand situations that can put this all at risk, as well as help improve your business processes.

  • Give your staff confidence that you’ve planned for the survival of their livelihood. 
  • Give your customers confidence that you can supply, regardless!  
  • Encourage your suppliers to improve their resilience as well, just as your customers may already be asking you to demonstrate yours.

(Send your customers and supplier a link to us to encourage them to improve their Business Resilience – we’ll pay you a fair commission of course.) market the increasingly popular (Accelerated) Continuous OperationTM  Business Continuity Software and will arrange for experts to set this up with you, and your customers and suppliers as well if you and they wish.